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Latest Student Testimonial

"I have been attending Tai Chi Qigong classes with Christopher for nearly a year and have very much enjoyed every lesson. He is very knowledgeable about his subject and inspires us to learn about all the health benefits, explains things very clearly and also has a sense of humour which puts you at ease. I can only recommend his classes I have definately found it helps some of my health issues and is very relaxing and de-stressing! " L Bastiani


"What is Qi Gong? Can it really bring the benefits that are claimed? These are the questions I asked myself before attending Chris’s classes. Having practised yoga, I wondered if it was a similar system with a different name. I have now been practising Qi Gong (not always religiously!) for over 2 years thanks to Chris’s classes.


Qi Gong is the most effective, beneficial health system & Chris is an incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and sympathetic teacher who explains with every move what is being achieved and how. Perhaps the best part of attending these classes is the tools and confidence that Chris gives each individual to go away & practice outside class.


It is hard to put in a few words what is involved; I encourage anybody reading this to give Qi Gong a go. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As well as the physical benefits I have felt, it is no coincidence that I am much better equipped to deal with the stresses and strains that life throws.


Classes are welcoming, friendly and unintimidating. There are many forms of exercise that you have to be physically ‘fit’ for to even start. Qi Gong is different, whether the aim is to recover from an injury or to improve and maintain good health, Qi Gong will help in every sphere of well-being. I love it and I’m so grateful for the introduction. Thank you Chris for all your teachings." Anna Cunningham

"I've noticed the positive effects on my well being already"

"Inspirational!...qigong classes with Chris have changed my way of thinking mentally and physically"

"Qigong classes with Chris have been amazing and I feel like I am on a new path with something that is so beneficial to my health and well being."

"Having been unable to walk unaided for nearly a year due to spinal injury I found Christopher by chance after a friend suggested I try Qigong. Within 4 weeks I was able to stand for an entire class and was walking short distances unaided. It is still early days for me but I have been blown away by the improved strength, stamina and mobility that I am now enjoying."